Discipleship & Community

Discipleship and community are two of our core tenets here at Voyage Church. Jesus commanded His disciples: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations,” and so we see that making disciples is the “how-to” of the Great Commission of making Jesus known in this world.

Second to that, we understand how difficult and lonely it can be to live out our faith. Forming personal discipleship relationships and meeting frequently in groups can help us to carry one another’s burdens and discover God’s purpose for our lives.

We encourage everyone to get together in Community Groups of 6-15 people, and out of those groups form discipleship groups of 2-3 people. Through these we seek to help each other as individuals live more fruitfully and faithfully to God.

Common Questions

Discipleship groups are designed to help you know and follow Jesus more deeply. That happens in a context of intimacy where 2-3 people walk through life and our struggles together. Meanwhile community groups are meetings of mixed discpleship groups designed for fellowship, prayer, encouragement and more careful study of the Bible.
The biggest support for the importance of discipleship is that Jesus Himself commanded us to make disciples and He taught that it was through discipleship that people would come to know Him. Discipleship is also necessary for us because it is how we learn to imitate Christ more in our everyday lives.
Our Community Groups meet every other week while the discipleship groups meet up on the alternating weeks. In other words one week we meet in dicipleship groups then the next week in our community group and so on.
Simply express your interest to any of our leaderships or drop us an email on our site and we will be in touch with you!

Community Groups

Community group are meet-ups where we can move far in our faith. They're a place where we get together to experience comraderie, make friends, and dig deeper into our shared faith.

Our community groups will start again in fall/winter 2019 community group. Have a question? Call or text us for more info.