Meet Our Planters

The Fleets

Ben and Alyssa moved to Montréal from the United States in 2016. After serving 5 years as a student pastor, Ben and Alyssa began to feel severely burdened to serve as church planters in the city of Montréal and moved in 2016 to intern at Renaissance Church here in Montréal. They now have two children, Arthur (Ari) and Philippa (Pippa), as well as a fur baby named-Luna.

Ben and Alyssa both grew up in church and were saved earlier in their lives. Ben was called into the ministry as a freshman in college and graduated with a degree in Pastoral Ministry. While in college, he met Alyssa-who was a nursing student with the aspiration of using her passion for health and wellness to minister to people around the world. Immediately upon meeting, Ben and Alyssa began talking about their burden to reach the nations with the gospel.

After college, Ben and Alyssa served in the Student Ministry of Max Creek Baptist Church, but could never shake their burden for the nations. Upon completing his Master’s degree from Liberty University with a specific focus upon Church Planting and Evangelism, Ben and Alyssa were called to move to Montréal to plant new churches. Eight months before they moved, they were blessed with their son, Arthur Wesley Fleet and fourteen months after arriving in Montréal, they were blessed with their daughter - Philippa Michelle.

Ben, Alyssa, Arthur (Ari) & Phillipa (Pippa)

The Simpsons

Cody came to Montréal from Alberta in 2007 to attend Concordia University, and Sonia immigrated to Montréal as a child from Russia. They met in 2010, and married in the summer of 2011. It was through meeting Sonia that God brought Cody to faith in the sacrifice of Jesus, and it wasn’t long after that he felt the calling to minister. In whatever shape or form God had in mind, Cody knew he had to teach others the truth about Jesus Christ.

Sonia grew up in Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal, in a Baptist home, and attended a Russian-Speaking church in the area. At her family church Sonia volunteered in and led the Children’s Ministry. At Voyage Church she continues that passion as our Children’s Ministry Leader. Cody was serving in English Ministry at the New Canadian Baptist Church in the Cote-des-Neiges area with plans to grow the and reach new English speaking believes in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood.

Still attending the Russian speaking church nearby, Cody felt the need to do something for the area’s Anglophones. At the time what that ‘something’ was wasn’t clear.Just at the right time God moved the Fleet’s to The Triangle and the calling to plant a new church came. Since then they have been busy working for the ministry and raising their two new children Isaac and Céleste.

Cody-John, Sonia, Isaac & Céleste (Sally)