Sunday Services

We love to get to know the community and want build a church family in Cote-Des-Neiges. Throughout our Sunday Services we've had worship groups from different partner churches at these services to support us and share their passion for God. Now, as we start weekly services, we wholeheartedly invite you to come join us in our humble beginnings.

You're invited!

We invite you join us for services and connect with us. Whether you just want to sit in or partner and grow with our church, we want to welcome you. If you are looking for a community and a safe place where you can make lasting connection and grow in your faith in Jesus, we extend our hand to you.

Service Break-down

16:00 Service ServiceWorship, Kids Ministry, Sermon, Q&A, Prayer
17:00 Lord's Supper In rememberance of Jesus' sacrifice
17:30Sending This is roughly when our service ends. Stick around, hang-out and enjoy a light meal!

Common Questions

Not at all! We welcome everyone to visit our services.
In total, services at Voyage Church are set to last around 90 minutes long, beginning with Worship Music (think Jesus karaoke if you’re new to church) with a Message from the Bible by one of our Pastors (Similar to a TEDtalk).
We are relaxed crowd and we come from diverse backgrounds and traditions. We understand people have different ways of expressing their joy and love for God, and we are supportive of this diversity. As for dress, you can expect to see our leaders in jeans and a button up shirt; however, we encourage you to come as dressed up or down as you feel comfortable and expect a warm welcome from us.
Kids matter at Voyage Church. We want children to learn to love Jesus and also to love the church. That is why we host “Little Voyagers” a special worship program designed with children’s hearts in mind. We also prioritize your children’s safety which is why we have a check-in system for your them and a background check requirement for all our volunteers.